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We are able to provide Free Unlimited International SMS to the world because we rely on ad revenue. Ad revenue offsets the cost of providing Free SMS. With that in mind please do not forget to visit our sponers. If you like this service and you find it usefull then keep it alive by visiting our sponders when you can.

The major advantage is price: You can't beat free. There are several apps that allow you to send messages to U.S. and Canada numbers but not to international numbers. There are websites that allow you to send to some international numbers but do not provide you way to receive incoming messages. BounceSMS is different...not only do we provide you a way to send Unlimited International Text Messages but we also give you the ability to receive messages.

There are 195 countries in the world and BounceSMS can send Text Messages to all of them. The down side is that BounceSMS may not be able to deliver a message to every mobile carrier in every country but we will continue to work on this. If you are not receiving messages to your mobile phone please let us know.

Free Messaging is not perfect and messages could be delayed or missed depending on the network and the amount of traffic and other situations that are out of our control. If you do not receive your message please give it at least 1 to 3 minutes to arrive or send another message.

Yes! People wonder if there are people out there that can make use of our service and the answer is yes. Remember that there are more active moible phone accounts in the world than there are people. While many people have smart phones there are still more none smart phones in use than smart phones. Keep that in mind.

We know that you want the Apps, Widget and API and we are working hard everyday to roll out these new fetures as soon as possible. We hope to have them ready shortly after the new year. Like us on Facebook and continue to check our Facebook page for the latest updates. SlideSMS and TextNinja are now the new improved BounceSMS!

Yes. You can purchase SMS from our website at very affordable prices. We will currently beat any price on the market. Additionally keep in mind that our solution is a SIM based solution so there will be limits on the speed and amount of SMS that can be sent per minute. These speeds and amount of SMS sent can be increased. Our system is a good sytem to use for OTP messages and website/app notifications along with giving your visitors free SMS. It is not recommened that you purchase our services for any kind of SMS marketing.

Yes! BounceSMS allows you to send messages as well as receive them. Receving is really simple. People who you text can just reply back to the number that the message comes from or they can use one of our static hosted numbers if it is available for their country. The message will then be posted to the wall where you can view the message by entering the senders full mobile number.

Our goal is to keep messaging coming and going fast for this reason messages are only stored on the SMS Wall for 24 hours before they are deleted. If you are expecting Incoming Messages please be sure to check the wall regularly.

There may be a few different reasons why we do not yet have a local number for your country. It is possible that we could not obtain a virtual mobile number for your counry, we do not have a host in your country yet to provide access to a local number or we do not have enough users in your country yet to maintain a local number in your country. Continue to check the SMS Wall for the posting of new numbers.

We would love to have you as a host for a local phone number in your county! To get started as a host you would need three things:

    1. Andriod Phone - Running Android 5.1 or later.
    2. Active SIM Card
    3. Wifi

Once you are ready with what you need we will send you the link for the app to download to your phone and then get you setup on the network and fun a few tests. If you are interesed in becomig a Local Host for your coutry please contact us through the contact page.

Our Android and IOS Apps will be released in the coming weeks. It will at first be a simple app that will only send and receive SMS. With time we will add features such as app to app messaging, picture messages and videos and some new features that you have never seen on a messaging app before...something new and exciting...something differnt. Yes...there is still a lot more that can be done with a messaging app if you are an inovative compnay and have vision. Please continue to watch our Fecebook page for more details.

Our Widget is a powerful piece of code that as a webhost you add to your website to allow your visitors to send Unlimited International SMS. This widget will make your visitors return to your site over and over again to send messages. The widget is designed to help increase traffic to your site and to maintain your current traffic.

Our API is a simple PHP api that will allow you to send messages from your own website or mobile application. Each message sent will be tagged with either one of our tags or from a tag of one of our advertisers. If you are interested in having your own tag on each of the messages sent from the api please contact us.

Yes. Currently our advertisement optioions are limited to SMS tags only. Please contact us or see the Advertise page for more details.

CentSMS is an app that allowes it's users in the U.S. & Canada to host free SMS and to help us facilitate our network of Outgoing SMS to international destinations by allowing us to use the text messaging provided with their mobile plan. This requires an Android phone running 5.1 or later, an activated SIM card and a wifi connection. For each message sent the host will be compensated. If you would like to know more please contact us or click on the CentSMS menu tab.

You do not have to be in the U.S. or Canada to use the CentSMS App. What you really need to have is a mobile plan that includes unlimited internationl text. If this plan is available in your country then you can join CentSMS and starting making money sending free SMS.

The payment from CentSMS varies depending on a number or factors such as how many messages was sent from your units, how many unites you have in operation and the current rate per SMS that is being paid out.

SMS Verification is a free service that allows you to use on of our virtual numbers for authentication purposes when creating online accounts at sites such as Google, bitcoin wallets, Amazon, Facebook and other sites and application that require a mobile phone number for verification when creating new accounts.

The men and women of the SMS Chat are 100% real. They are hand selected and interviewed and verified by video chat. It is a small network of real people who are ready to chat with you on almost any topic. All they ask is that you be respectful. If you would like to become an SMS Bouncer(verified chat host) please email us at [email protected] Thank you.